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See below text box highlighted in blue for a link showing you how to identify sensors if you are not sure.

Do I have sensors?!

Not sure if you windshield has sensors or not? To check if you have sensors on your windshield visit the guide on the following website for an accurate description on where to find them.
You can also text me a photograph of the back of your rear view mirror to the number (214)475-8676 with the caption “Do I have sensors?!”

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Windshield Repair Specialists will contact you with an accurate quote within minutes. We have serviced over 30,000 vehicles in the DFW and surrounding areas. Our experience ensures you will above all receive the highest level of service that you deserve. We offer Professional Windshield Repair in North Texas. We guarantee it! How do you determine whether you should get a windshield replacement or a repair? Checkout our articles. We know how hard you worked for your vehicle and we promise we will treat is with the upmost care and professionalism that you deserve!

Professional Windshield Repair
Owner Gene Torres After a Successful Repair On the back-glass of a Lamborghini